A striking character sketch of a unique businessman: Jeff Bezos

October 22, 2021 by No Comments

You don’t have to read Brad Stone’s entire book to understand how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has changed. The photos in the back show a man who only seems to get younger with age. And more unpredictable.

Stone outlines Amazon’s growth as a result of products like Alexa, Amazon Go and Prime, with which Bezos interfered in great detail.

Amazon’s real ‘unleashing’ starts when the company starts peddling the technology that formed the basis of the web store: rental of computing power, the online marketplace and the means of distribution. Everything is automated as much as possible, with robots, artificial intelligence and employees who are supposed to operate like computers. Inventors are allowed to make plenty of mistakes, but performers never.

This book is less revealing than The Everything Store (2013) yet a must for anyone who follows Amazon. Sometimes Stone gets lost in details, especially with Bezos’s tumultuous divorce. The book ignores the privacy aspect of Amazon itself – a mega data collector.

Stone effortlessly changes perspective, whether it’s about the working atmosphere, product development or strategic moves of the tech giants. As cookie licking: Announcing years in advance that you will be providing a service – such as drone delivery – to discourage competitors in advance.

Although Bezos did not collaborate on this book, Amazon Unleashed is a striking character sketch of a unique businessman who increasingly resembles that other multi-billionaire. Like Elon Musk, Bezos at times feels untouchable and is “obsessed with his own self-image,” as Stone describes it.

Bezos (57) will retire as CEO this year. He got tired of his marriage and a bit of Amazon too. Now the jet set beckons and above all: the space. Building rockets is his childhood dream. Jeff Bezos is now unleashed himself.