‘I don’t want to give up the freedom I have’

October 18, 2021 by No Comments


“It’s not the most ideal timing, but I started my own business last year. After art academy I worked as a technical teaching assistant, but my contract expired and because of corona I was at home for a while because the schools were closed. I had actually wanted to work as an independent filmmaker for some time, so now I had plenty of time to prepare properly. I soon noticed that you can’t take on big film productions on your own, so now I’m working with a collective. I do smaller film jobs and photography assignments myself.

“I’m still looking for a balance between commercial assignments and artistic things. The first are to put bread on the table. The aim is to shoot films, for example documentaries. We now have a big job in Drenthe: a film about job creation in that province in the 1920s-1930s. Substantive a very interesting project, of which I want to do more, but because of corona it has been postponed a few times.

“I’ve earned very varied in the past few months. Because I have just started, I am not entitled to the TOZO, but fortunately I have few fixed costs. So far I’m getting by. Within the collective we have enough equipment, or we rent some, but investing in better equipment is something I have to keep in mind.”


‘My girlfriend lives in a rented house and I live in an anti-squat, and I don’t want to give up the freedom I have here to live huddled in the center. I live with six others in a charming old office building and have about 60 square meters to myself. There is room to make a darkroom. Before that I was able to take over a lot of stuff from a fellow student, so it didn’t cost me much. I’ve been on the seesaw to find something for myself, but this is cheap and I only have to share the bathroom. I think it’s fine now. I have my own space and if I want cosiness, it’s there.

My girlfriend and I recently bought a car together. We were both unlucky with our cars, but as we don’t drive a lot, sharing was a good idea. It was quite cheap for a station wagon, because it has paint damage. But that doesn’t matter to us, it’s a decent car.

“I had decided that I wanted to eat less animal products, because I am not a fan of how animals are kept. But what I don’t want to miss are eggs. I prefer to eat them baked, for example at lunch. And if you can collect your own eggs, that’s even more fun. That is why I bought five chickens and a rooster six months ago.”

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