‘I see that Dutch people enjoy life’

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Ceyda: “We met in London in March.”

pepijn: “I was there to prepare our new restaurant.”

Ceyda: “We ran into each other at Soho House. I saw him, he saw me.”

pepijn: „There was no dating app involved, it was very bad old school.”

Ceyda: “We had only had two physical dates. Then he had to return to Amsterdam before the borders closed. I went back to my family in Turkey. After that, we just face-timed for three months.”

pepijn: “We have been together for nine months now.”

Ceyda: “On the third date he came to visit my family in Istanbul. This is not very common in Turkey. Such a visit is very meaningful. Fortunately, it went surprisingly well.”

pepijn: „It was not so bad for me, especially your mother was very easy goingalthough her English is not perfect. The weather was warm, a beautiful evening. The four of us ate next to the pool. It was very nice.”

Ceyda: “My father is not one who talks a lot, but they had long conversations. Then we didn’t see each other for three weeks. In August he came back to Turkey and stayed for a month. Fortunately, my family got on well with him right away.”

pepijn: “I worked during the day. In between we played chess, played table tennis and I swam. And I gifted myself an Xbox, haha.”

Ceyda: “When my university started again, we went back to London.”

pepijn: “We live between Amsterdam and London, that’s what it comes down to.”

Fresh fish and oysters

Ceyda: „I study architecture in London. I follow all education online, from home. After the pandemic I want to go back to London.”

pepijn: “I joined the family business in 2014, when only the business on the Van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam still existed. Things were going well until the pandemic, with people queuing for a table for up to two hours on weekend days. We wanted to start building a restaurant in London in April 2020, but we have now moved that to 2021 due to corona. It’s crazy to do business in these times. Take away and subsidies keep us going. We had to let people go, that was very difficult. At the moment I have no income. We live on our savings.”

Ceyda: “My family supports me. I am not allowed to work with my visa, but my parents pay the rent and my living expenses.”

pepijn: “All restaurants are closed, but we have launched an online fish store where people can order fresh fish and oysters.”

Ceyda: “We eat fish almost every day. I like pasta vongole.”

pepijn: “I order raw fish every day to see if the webshop works well, so that forces her to cook.”

Ceyda: “But he also helps. Whoever knows the most about the fish makes the dish. When he cooks, I wash off and vice versa. We are a team.”

Ceyda: “Every lunch break and every evening we walk along the shopping streets around the Rijksmuseum.”

pepijn: „Not much else happens, haha. This is going to be such a boring story, haha.”

Coffee around the corner

Ceyda: “My classes are from 11 to 6, and for that I often have to watch two video lessons. So I’m usually awake at 09:00.”

pepijn“If I don’t wake you up, you’ll wake up at 11 a.m. I get up at 7:30 am.”

Ceyda: “He works 24/7. Sometimes I complain to my mother that he works too much.”

pepijn: “It’s a bit boring for her. If I have a little more time and rest in the morning, I use it to study Turkish.”

Ceyda: “We go out much more in Amsterdam, compared to Istanbul.”

pepijn: „I have problems with my back, so I like to go for a walk and I work standing up. We walk a lot on the Museumplein and then get coffee around the corner, walk around and do the shopping.”

Ceyda: „In Turkey we had a personal trainer and we went to the gym.”

Ceyda: “We also cycled a few times to shops in the area. Cycling in Amsterdam takes some getting used to. Too bad I don’t have an electric bike and he does.”

pepijn: “She’s slow, haha.”

Ceyda: “My day consists of studying. I have my own room, but sometimes it is uncomfortable, so I sit next to Pepijn at the kitchen table.”

pepijn: „Do you see my standing desk? We went from nothing to practically living together, but things are going remarkably well. How many times have we argued in the past nine months?”

Ceyda: “Not once, I believe.”

pepijn: “Normally I stop working around 6 pm, but the last two weeks I have worked until 9 pm, because the online fish store was in a hurry.”

Ceyda: “You often still answer emails around 11 p.m..”

pepijn: “We eat around 7 p.m. There is little now social life, but we have regular dinners with friends.”

Ceyda: “I also got to know his family and they are very nice. My twin sister is studying in Leiden and she went to his parents to celebrate Christmas there. My sister and I used to participate in horse riding competitions. His sister is now also starting horseback riding, so I hope I can join her.”

pepijn: “In London we sometimes go to Pilates together. In Amsterdam I regularly go for a run and train with a personal trainer.”

Ceyda: „Recently a friend of Pepijn asked if I was going to Rocycle [spinning op harde, snelle muziek]. I look forward to doing that more often as soon as I can. I see that Dutch people enjoy life. In London, everyone is constantly stressed. They rush to work with their headphones on. In Amsterdam everyone is enjoying cycling, one with their surroundings. It’s a huge difference.”

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