‘Neither of us desire stability’

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Charles: “After my law studies, I left for Kenya in 2014. I wanted to go to Africa to gain life experience, to have an adventurous life and to become an entrepreneur, although I didn’t know how or what yet. I first did an internship at a mobile payment company. That was fun, but I found that I liked traveling and seeing and experiencing things more. I organized safaris for expats, got to know the country well and started a travel agency. I want to show people a different Africa and remove the prejudices, for example that it is a scary and unsafe continent.”

Stephanie: “You often travel through Kenya and other African countries looking for special places.”

Charles: “I live and work in a compound in Nairobi where my employees also live and work. My agency also has offices in South Africa and Uganda. I travel a lot, looking for new experiences. Often with a film crew making promotional material. Then I’ll be back in the office for a few months. But I find it quite difficult to manage.”

Stephanie: “The compound is a jungle-like garden of four hectares, a really fantastic place.”

Charles: “Before corona I had sixty employees, a third of whom were local people. There are now twenty-five of them left, because we don’t get government support here.”

Stephanie: „Charles and I know each other from our study days in Utrecht. After that I started working at a video production house. Then I lived and worked in Texas for two years, as a copywriter and photographer. In November 2019 I moved back to the Netherlands. A few months later I met Charles in Cape Town. That’s where our relationship started. We share passions like travelling, filming, photography and developing ideas, and neither of us desire stability.”

Charles: „At the moment we are on the coast in Kenya, where we have organized a trip for remote workers. We got the idea from all those homeworkers in the Netherlands. They can also work in Kenya and do fun things in the evenings and weekends. Then we go fishing, motorcycling, to a safari park, dancing, yoga.”

Stephanie: „During trips I help with photography and filming, but it is really Charles’ business. I work full-time as a marketing manager for a lifestyle gift company in the Netherlands.”

Not in the mood for accounting

Charles: “A personality test once showed that I have zero ambition. I can indeed leave tasks behind if I don’t feel like it, accounting for example, but I can also be super-driven and work hard. I have a very clear idea of ​​what I want.”

Stephanie: “Yes, you always think about what you want and are always working on new ideas.”

Charles: „I am not driven in the sense of ‘how do I get more turnover’. But actually I always think about work. Even in the shower and while running.”

Stephanie: “You are ambitious when it comes to realizing your dreams. But if I put on some nice music and light scented sticks, he does relax.”

Charles: “I really need to find a better balance. If I find out in twenty years that I’ve only thought about work, that’s not good. Maybe it’s also because I live in my office. That’s practical, because I travel so much. I don’t care about comfort at all, I could easily live in a guesthouse for six months for 10 euros a night.”

Stephanie: “Last summer we were in Amsterdam for a number of months, at eight different places to stay. Nice, all those different neighborhoods.”

Charles: “I love discovering life in a new neighborhood. I am curious.”

Stephanie: “I have that too. I do, however, always have a few candles, statuettes and photos of family and friends with me that I put down at the place where I stay.”

Charles: “And a hug.”

Stephanie: “Then I immediately feel at home.”

fragrance sticks

Charles: “My dream is to build eco-community lodges in nature. Lodges run by the local community, where I contribute the capital and knowledge. I would like to do business responsibly.”

Stephanie: “With a view to sustainability, people are therefore encouraged to come for a longer period of time.”

Charles: “Stephanie and I don’t want to be colleagues, that’s why we emphatically have our own jobs.”

Stephanie: “I would like to work for his travel agency, but then I have to break up with it and then apply.”

Charles: „I would hire you immediately. By the way, I think that working together would go well, but it’s a bit risky. There is a danger that you will never ‘turn yourself off’ again. We would like to live somewhere permanently, and probably also for a period in the Netherlands. Cozy with family and friends.”

Stephanie: „Family and friends are my foundation, so a little structure is good. I also have very nice in-laws.”

Charles: “They also sometimes appear in a promotional film of my company, to show that the trips are not only for young people. This year the four of us are going to Madagascar, perhaps a good country for ecolodges.”

Stephanie“We’ll see how it all goes. For now, we are very happy with this life.”

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