The dildos were impossible to drag on for EasyToys last year

November 23, 2021 by No Comments

Restaurants, discos, museums – the Dutch could spend little or no money on many things during the corona crisis. But they did buy dildos. They often did this at EasyToys or Pabo, sex web shops of the Veendam EDC Retail. That also experienced a turbulent growth in 2020, according to annual figures published on Tuesday.

65 million euros came in at EDC last year, a doubling compared to 2019 and more than three times as much as in 2018. Owner and director Eric Idema makes no statements about the profit. But, he says on the phone: “It was a special year.”

A year in which you could read from the sales of the sex toys that people found the lockdown life a boring affair. Bondage products were in demand, says Idema. “Packages with stuff with which you can blindfold someone, or put them in handcuffs. The feeling of the lockdown, haha. I say that jokingly, but the fact that people wanted to make their lives exciting again during this period did drive sales up.”

They couldn’t be dragged on, the Tarzan dildos, butt plugs and air pressure vibrators. Over the course of the year, Idema had somewhere between a hundred and a hundred and fifty “ram-full” sea containers come in from the Far East. To be able to store everything, EDC had to rent an extra warehouse.

Lube pumps

The most spectacular growth (750 percent) can be seen in the category of remote-controlled toys. These are, for example, vibrators that can be controlled via apps, so that partners who are not in the same place (whether or not due to lockdowns and curfews) can still experience intimate moments.

Among the best-selling products were also typical corona items such as mouth caps and disinfecting hand gel. “The first three weeks during corona it was still very quiet. Then I immediately spread my tentacles,” says Idema.

He still had a large batch of empty hand pumps, which he normally puts lubricant in. “We had a label made and sent the bottles to a supplier, who filled them with hand gel.” Such a bottle then often disappeared in the digital basket of a customer who was already on EasyToys for the purchase of, say, a new cock ring – another product that did very well in 2020.

The corona crisis was the main cause of the growth of EDC, but the affair surrounding the EasyToys sponsorship of FC Emmen (the KNVB banned shirt advertising and then withdrew it) did not turn out badly either. “That was very important,” says Idema now. “That investment was a big gamble. But then a riot broke out. Johan Derksen even talked about it on television.”

Can EDC continue to perform so strongly now that the lockdown has almost been lifted and consumers no longer have only the bedroom as a source of entertainment? Idema: “We are not going to achieve that doubling of 2020 this year. But we continue to grow. The young generation also wants to try a vibrator. And they talk about it more easily than my parents used to.”